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2 big black cocks
I am a woman in my mid thirties, married to a great guy, who after some long talks, lets me be the slut I like to be from time to time. He also fucks everything that moves and the rules are that as long as its safe, and it doesnt affect out home life, and as long as we tell each other about it all then its ok. Our sex life is great as a result of the stories that we share at bedtime.
Recently we have been looking to expand our horizons, explore some of our deepest darkest fantasies. What we have been doing has been great dont get me wrong , but if its gonna ne taboo, then I want to try a few things that I have fantasised and masterbated over for a few years. Nothing most of us do sexually is never as good as the fanstasy, but I came close.
I joined up with one of the friendfinder sites locally to us that specifically dealt with people looking for multi-racial experiences. My hubby is well endowed, but some of the guys I saw on this site were fucking huge, and as I swept my glances over the hundreds of pictures one or two had me lingering and made my pussy twitch. One was a tall Black male, about 6'4" mid 20's with a great lean, muscular body who was great looking and had a cock that had me fixated. I wrote to him and told him that I had seen the picture, read the profile and would love to meet with him for a drink. I sent him a picture of me in silky black stockings and a basque on my hands and knees. It seemed to do the trick cause I had a reply the very next day. He told me more about himself and also told me he had a friend if I was interested in meeting 2 guys and sent me a picture of his friend, who was also about the same age and good looking, although since in the picture he was clothed I couldnt see if he had anything else in common with his friend.
We made the arrangements and I slid into a tight fitting dress that rode about 4 inches above the knees, clinging to my black stockings. I also wore a black lacy push up bra that I knew would draw a few looks. I wasnt disapointed, I had the taxi driver finding it hard to keep his eyes on the road, I could see him staring into the mirror, and as we drew near the bar, I looked into the mirror and parted my legs at first giving him a good view of the tops of my stockings, and then my little black panties. By the time he pulled over I had certainly flustered him and he stammered and fiddled to give me change.
When I walked into the bar fashionably late the 2 men were dressed in suits at the bar, looking ver smart, and we got a secluded table in the corner and had a drink. We didnt say that much, and seemed to spend a great deal of time checking each other out, but I did ask them if they had done this before together. They admitted they hadnt together but had discussed it. They both told me they had been part of 3 somes before where the wives were looking to fuck a black guy infront of the husband. I told them that about my husband and my arrangement with each other and what I wanted them to do to me, and I could see both of them responding to my directness by fidgetting around in their chairs, and adjusting their postions so to speak.
I suggested that if they were game that we go to the hotel that I had booked. We all got into a cab and drove off. In a matter of minutes were were opening the hotel room and I sat on the bed and told them to strip. They looked at each other and started to shed their clothes. The tall guy I had first contacted didnt disapoint, as he slid his boxer shorts down his legs and stood up, my eyes fixed on his beautiful long black cock, In this state it must have been over 7" long. His friend also removed the remaining items of clothing and turned around and unbelievably he looked even bigger. He was just as long if not a little longer but seemed to be about twice as thick. I beckoned the boys over and took their cocks in each hand and stroked them, looking longingly at them both, Then as I felt them harden a little I took turns licking the large heads and sucking them feeling them expand in my mouth. By the time they were both fully erect they both muct have had at least 11" each. The one with the thicker cock, I couldnt even get my hand all the way around, and I started to wonder how I was going to fit these monsters into my hole.
Their hands were now starting to roam over my body and they picked me up off the bed and gently started to take my dress off first them removed my bra. pushing me back onto the bed one of them lay next to me sucking and licking my now hard nipples and I felt the other slipping my wet panties down my legs and over my stilletos. A warm tongue then followed and I felt the hot breath against my wet crotch as he parted my lips with this fingers and sid his tongue over my clit and down to my open hole. I nealry cum at the feeling of these 2 young studs giving my tits and pussy the attention it so deserved. I didnt have to wait long for the first of the orgasms to hit me tho as he sucked hungrily on my clit licking around it, I began to shake as it hit me. I was aware that I dont think I had ever felt so wet, and all I wanted was to have their cocks filling me. I announced loudly that I wanted cock in me and the one who had been licking me stood up and pulled a condom over his long black pole and taking it in his hand guided it into my hole. I screamed as he pushed it into me, each inch filling me. I looked down and saw that he was stillonly about two thirds in and I didnt think he could fit anymore in me. He pulled nearly all the way out and then drove it harder, and deeper, this time I felt his balls hit me. After a few stokes he flipped me over and drove into me from behind with another huge cock being pushed into my willing mouth. I took as much of his thick length as I could, which muffled my cries as my pussy was being pounded from behind. A minute later they had swapped and I had the even thicker cock inside me, his hands gripped my hips and I looked over my shoulder and told him to fuck me as hard as he could. I felt possessed and hungrily sucked on the shaft in front of my face. I wanted them as much of them inside me as I could and screamed that I wanted one in my pussy and one in my ass. I love being ass fucked and have a dildo that was about 9" I took once but both of these were bigger than that. I got on top of the biggest and reaching between my legs hurridly forced him into my pussy and felt then ordered the other to fuck my ass. He pushed the thick black head into my I thought I was going to faint. He drove it deeper into me until I could take no more. The feeling of these 2 massive black cocks in my holes sent me over the edge and I was cumming over and over. Everything was a blur as I felt them both banging me. The one in my ass pulled out and yanked off the condom and came over my ass. I looked over my shoulder and watch his thick streams errupting from his cock and running down the crack of my pink sore ass. Within seconds the cock in my pussy was hardening and he was clearly close to cumming I got off him and pulled the condom off his member as he sprayed my face and tits with his creamy jism.
That night when I got home I told my hubby all about it as he licked me to orgasm after orgasm. He is now encouraging me to do the next thing on my list and I am arranging it now.